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A note-taking tool optimised for structured, speedy, and stress-free studying

Who needs OneNote and EverNote when you have StudySmarter's intelligent note-taking tool?! Create fast, fun notes and have all your study materials in one place with the StudySmarter app.

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Bye-bye copy-paste! Create smart study notes straight from your documents

Copy-pasting notes was so last summer. Simply highlight the important parts in your uploaded documents and we'll transform them into study-worthy notes. Easy!

Create easy-to-memorise notes with our smart formatting tools

Unleash your inner Picasso and be as creative as you want with your notes. With plenty formatting options, including pre-formatted notes, you can effortlessly create notes that you'll actually want to study from!

Access our free library of thousands of explanations created by experts

Not keen on creating notes? No problem! We've got thousands of subject-specific explanations from our experts tailored to your exams. Ready, steady, study!

Let's get snapping! Use our snapshot feature for notes

But first, let me take a snapshot! Save even more time and make your studies even smarter with our snapshot feature. Simply take screenshots of your documents and add them directly to your notes.

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